How much we do love the Hotel Figueroa?

The Hotel Figueroa is a low-key but old-school glamorous South Park jewel that hides in plain sight just steps away from LA Live, but still feels private and intimate enough to provide a bit of refuge from the nearby crowds.  While the 14-story luxury hotel features 268 rooms & suites, sharing drinks or nibbles in the ground floor bar / lounge area or adjacent Breva restaurant under the soaring ceilings always feels like a treat, as if one has stepped back in time into a world with a much slower pace, if just for a few minutes.  For dinner, the menu created by chef Casey Lane (from Venice's celebrated The Tasting Kitchen) offers an abundance of options you'll most likely want to share with your companions (I particularly love their delicious take on bone marrow that's spread on savory toast.) Breva's array of signature "Gintonico" specialty gin cocktail drinks that fill up an eye-poppingly large glass are absolutely not to be missed - neither is the outdoor dining space Veranda out back by the pool.

From Eater LA:

Downtown’s hotel renaissance is in full swing, and the latest name to start booking rooms is none other than Hotel Figueroa. The longstanding boutique property has actually been situated in Downtown since 1926, but a massive multi-million-dollar rehab project has just now been completed, meaning hotel guests, L.A. Live attendees, and locals alike can swing through for a drink, a bite to eat, or an overnight stay.
Hotel Figueroa has been completely reshaped by the Studio Collective team, from the lobby to the iconic coffin pool in the back. On board to help with the transition is none other than Casey Lane (The Tasting Kitchen), putting in a slew of different dining and drinking concepts at the property soon.
For now there is only Breva, the hotel’s anchor restaurant cooking Basque and Mediterranean-inspired dishes from the ground floor that opened last week. That means everything from prawn and chorizo paella to mushroom and foie gras toast and fried chicken with jamon and jalapeño potato salad. As for the space itself, expect stately wood floors, lots of greenery and big mirrors to draw in light and color, and marble two- and four-tops alongside deep green banquettes.
Diners can also enjoy a pre- or post-meal drink at Bar Figueroa, the laid back lobby drinking space visible from the entrance. Plush leather seating and tall ceilings allow drinkers and hotel guests to linger over conversation before moving on throughout the rest of the hotel. The property’s Veranda restaurant isn’t fully operational just yet — nor is Dushan Zaric’s upstairs bespoke cocktail experience — but those will come online soon.
Hotel Figueroa is now up and running (at least in part) right along the bustling Figueroa stretch between Staples Center and the Financial District. Breva is open daily, while the lobby bar holds court from afternoon to evening.

Hotel Figueroa
939 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA